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My Artistic Statement   Click on gallery name below to view.

Gallery 1 : Vintage
Gallery 2 : Natural World
Gallery 3 : Amazing Philadelphia

“photoArt by Loie:” this web site currently includes three areas of focus. Most of these images are printed with archival pigment inks on art paper in the 13 " X 19" size although canvases and other sizes will also be available to order. Thank you for visiting my gallery.

  1. Vintage – images I refer to as vintage remind me of my early childhood years and my impressions of the way the world might have before I was born, in the childhoods of my parents during the Great Depression and perhaps a bit earlier. Some of the images in Vintage have aged to a rich patina and others still look new. For me, Vintage is a feeling that spans the 20th Century until today and captures the passion of my childhood.
  1. Natural Beauty with a focus on Flowers – this area highlights my admiration for natural beauty, including flowers, animals, and magnificent scenery. My focus here leans towards flowers but there will also be a landscape or two or three and a similar number of animal images.
  1. Fantastical & Amazing Views of Philadelphia, including  Manayunk -- for me, Philadelphia is a magical city. I love downtown – the architecture, the culture, the arts, and the excitement and energy. But my native city is also friendly and liveable. Philadelphia has its own character and history. In some ways, we could be looked at as “New York City lite.” Manayunk has its own special magic from the hills, aged textile mills, and growth of a community of artists. I love living 20 minutes from downtown, 1 minute from Fairmount Park, and 5 minutes from Manayunk. I frequently portray Philadelphia in my art.


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