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My Artistic Statement

My Artist Statement

I like to explore the meaning of life through visual expression to keep alive the child in me and my perpetual interest in almost everything on our planet.

I love both colors and black and white images. My photoArt is mostly my personal idealized view of the world. As an artist, I frequently strive to bring my viewers moments of uplifting and visual delight and remind them on the best days that it’s a wonderful world. At other times, I may show painful topics that would benefit from a helping hand. My hope with this show is to encourage Manayunk Art Center visitors to think about such varied topics as what is reality? and to see the beauty that I see in the gifts of nature including flowers, landscapes, and animals.

My visual training has been a combination of studying and working in photography and photojournalism for the past 31 years, along with independent study of fine art, photography, and painting in museums, publications, and, more recently, on the internet.

The images I share in this show are an expression of my excitement for photography, art, and the new technology.


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